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  • Shampoo/Condition/Oil Treatment ($25.00)
    This service include shampoo, deep condition treatment/oil treatment. This is great for clients who recently received a chemical treatment or clients with dry scalp.
  • BuildUp Removal ($30.00)
    Client hair is cleansed with a special formulated shampoo, then hair is coated with natural shine formula .
  • Loc Style ($20.00)
    Clients hair is styled in a basic style of clients choice. Basic styles takes no longer than 15 min ..styles include (one fishtail/braid,halo braid,two plaits etc.) FOR ALL UPDO'S AND LONGER LOCS YOU MUST BOOK UNDER ADVANCED STYLE
  • Loc Style (Advanced) ($30.00)
    Choose this option for two strand twist,pipe cleaners,rod sets or single barell styles. For small twist and braids the price depends on the amount of locs you decide to use.
  • Loc Retwist (Average Size) ($55.00)
    (Avereage Size locs)Clients hair is shampooed/conditioned and retwisted using the Palm roll technique. There is additional $10 for unkept matted locs. NO STYLE WILL BE DONE IF YOU CHOOSE THIS OPTION..!!!!
  • Loc Retwist/Style AVG. (Basic) ($65.00)
    Client hair shampoo retwisted and styled into a basic style that best suits you. DO NOT PICK THIS OPTION IF YOU WANT UPDO OR ANY ADVANCE STYLE!!BASIC STYLES IS ONLY 1-2 FISHTAILS OR ANY STYLE THAT TAKES ME 10 MIN LESS
  • Loc Retwist/Style (Advanced) ($75.00)
    For single braids twist or pipe cleaner styles pick this category. Hair is shampooed, retwisted and styled in a style that takes longer than 15 min. (Also for clients with long locs)
  • Loc Retwist (SMALL LOCS) ($70.00)
    Client receives shampoo and retwist. This option is for clients with smaller locs or clients with extremely thick hair.
  • Loc Retwist (SMALL)/Basic Style
    This is for client with small locs or extremely thick hair. Clients hair is shampooed/retwisted and styled in a basic style which is 1-2 fishtails or half braid style.THIS OPTION IS NOT FOR UPDO OR ADVANCED STYLING
  • BuildUpRemoval/Twist/Style ($100.00)
    client will receive build up removal treatmeat, shampoo, retwist and style of choice. Price quoted for average locs..extra $20 for small locs
  • Two Person Retwist ($130.00)
    This category is for clients who come together to receive a service. ex. (couples,friends,relatives,etc.) both clients are shampooed,retwisted, and styled if requested.
  • Loc Startup Short 2inch less ($75.00)
    Loc start up for clients with coarse hair no longer than 2 inches. Hair must be at least 1/2 a inch and be completely natural. Additional $10 to cut relaxer off at time of service.
  • Loc Startup 2inch-5inches ($90.00)
    Clients hair is shampooed and twisted to start up permanent locs. This option is for clients with hair 2-5 inches long. At arrival the stylist will discuss the best start up method for you. $10 extra to cut relaxer off at time of service.
  • Loc Start-Up Long/NonCoarse ($140.00)
    For clients with hair longer than 5 in. & straighter hair textures. At time of service I will determine best method for your hair texture Ex.(Coils, Twist,Interlocking, backcombing, etc.( Some textures require more time and maybe additional $40)
  • Insta dread (Caucasian Start Up) ($250.00)
    This is For Caucasian clients who want to start locs or for clients who want the Insta Loc technique. Clients hair is backed comb twisted and locked in using a needle
  • Loc Repair Retwist (Basic) ($100.00)
    For clients with no more than 5 locs that needs repair(Thinning or broken off). Bring locs that have fallen out or we can rebuild a whole new loc..(Clients w/ Long LOCS MUST Bring 1 pack of Afro Kinky Bulk Hair to match hair root.
  • Loc Repair( Full head) ($150.00)
    Option for clients with numerous repair needed throughout hair. YOU MUST BRING 1 PCK OF AFRO KINKY BULK HAIR (HUMAN OR SYNTHETIC) ..IF REPAIR TAKES MORE THAN 3 HOURS ( ADDITIONAL $30 )EACH HOUR
  • Interlocking (2 in. or less) ($85.00)
    Client will receive shampoo and the interlocking retwist method. This method is best for clients with finer hair textures or clients looking to tighten new growth. This service is for clients with no more than 2inch of new growth
  • Interlocking (3 inch or more) ($120.00)
    This service is for clients with alot of new growth (3-6inches) that needs tighten using the interlock method.
  • Insta dread Tightening Full Head
    This technique can be used on all hair types. It is a alternative to interlocking. This method is used to tighten new growth from roots to end of locs. Great for eliminating puffiness and loose hairs within locking. Shampoo Included .
  • Insta Dread Retight Roots ($95.00)
    for clients who have already received full head tightening service and need the same insta dread technique on new growth. This option is for clients with no more than 3 inches new growth ( More than >3 inches BOOK UNDER TIGHTENING SERVICE AGAIN)
  • Loc Extensions
    Do not book appointment until you have PURCHASED HAIR @6 packs of human or synthetic afro kinky bulk hair. Rrice quoted for average size shoulder length locs. Book under Extension consultaion if you have any questions for longer or smaller sizes
  • Loc Reattchment ($220.00)
    If you previously had locs and what them put back in..this option is for you. You must bring locs, and 2 packs of afro Human kinky hair to match your roots. Price quoted is for average size locs ..smaller locs will be $50 more
  • Loc Retwist Small Advanced Style
    For clients with small locs or extremely thick hair. Service includes shampoo retwist and advanced styling option which includes updo's , two strand twist ,etc

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