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    Roger is a truly gifted coach

    It's a privilege to have Roger as my mentor coach. He is wonderfully insightful, always takes my coaching to a new level. He's smart, funny, and direct but compassionate. I love his style and his forthrightness. I consider myself very lucky to have him as a teacher and mentor.

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    Roger DeWitt is truely a gift to the coaching profession

    Coaching and learning from Roger has been a truely life changing experience for me. Roger has a sincere heart and a great sense of humor. He is couious and enables his clients to make their sparkle brighter. Roger coaches with integrity, intelligence, and humility. He brings out a true sparkle in those he works with.

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    Safe Respected Heard

    Safe, Respected and Heard describes the landscape of a session with Roger. One can assume these elements and take that setting for "granted" because it is. This environment Roger fosters is perfect for me to sharpen my perspective, make decisions and take action on the course that I chart. He's a gift.

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    Roger delivers amazing results!

    I am excited to learn from Roger. As a client, he helped me discover what I could not see within myself. As a coach, he inspires me to help others. His warm, friendly manner makes each session a joyful experience.

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    Roger is the gold standard of Coaches!

    I have had the pleasure of being a student of Roger's and witnessed him in a variety of coaching situation. He is an excellent roll model of what a coach should be and his style and approach should set the benchmark to ADHD coaching standards and practice. His ease of manner and friendly, positive attitude are a breath of fresh air.

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    Roger is an amazing coach

    I don't know how he does it, but each session I have with him is transformational. He helps me gain insights into myself and how to maximize my potential in ways I would not have arrived at on my own. I'm involved in several Adult ADD support groups and always come away from those meetings thanking God for Roger and the support he has given me in the past year. He is a treasure.

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    Passionate Coach

    The first few coaching sessions with roger created this overwhelming sense of emotion in me that I had not had in a long time, a sense that there is hope for me, that I can accomplish the things I want to, all with the power of mindset and strategies he helped me put in place. I love the passion he has. He motivates and inspires me to want to do bigger a better things. He's helped me put things into perspective and realize things I could not of on my own. Thank you Roger!

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    Talented Coach

    Roger is a truly talented coach and the best life changing decision I made in 2012! Roger has a great instinct for unraveling puzzles. My sessions with Roger have been really eye opening and always challenging. Roger has made me to confront issues, I would have never have seen before. To this day, I still continue to see progress and wanted to say thank you!

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    An Amazing Coach

    Roger is an amazing coach. He has shifted me in many areas of my life. His joie de vivre is contagious. His intuition is always spot on and his directness challenges me. I always come away from our sessions energized and enlightened. As a coach I have grown by working with him, even though he is not technically my mentor coach. It is amazing how much you can learn as a coach by being coached by such a great coach. Thanks Roger, you inspire me.

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    Roger is a wonderful coach

    I am taking a coach mentoring class with Roger and I find him to be amazing - bright, creative, attuned to everything that I am saying, empathic and a wonderful role model for great coaching. I highly recommend Roger.

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    Excellent Initial Session

    I'm looking forward to working with Roger DeWitt. After my initial coaching session, I feel he at the top of his game. He listens, gives insight, and also challenges in a way that makes the coaching session an empowering and positive experience. I'm confident I will get more out of our future sessions than I had anticipated.

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    Coaching NYC

    Roger DeWitt is a coach who not only knows his stuff but shares his coaching with a genuine love, respect and enthusiasm for his clients. His coaching style is intuituve and I get the feeling he is really listening and he cares.

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