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  • Peppermint Scalp Massage ($15.00)
    Book your massage and then book this 10 minute add-on! This is an invigorating experience!
  • RaindropTherapy & 70 min massage ($125.00)
    Raindrop Therapy is a powerful yet gentle, non-invasive and non-manipulative technique that combines the science of therapeutic aromatherapy with bodywork & energy healing techniques to restore balance, health & vitality to the body.
  • Reiki ($80.00)
    Reiki is a gentle and non-invasive energy that enables the body to heal itself from physical, spiritual and emotional ailments. toxins
  • 100min Salt/Sugar Scrub+ massage ($139.00)
    Detox or soften & smooth by adding invigorating body scrubs to your massage!
  • Myofascial release ($75.00)
    Myofascial release is a gentle and relaxing form of treatment used to equalize muscle tension throughout the entire body. Myofascial release is performed by stretching small areas or parts of the body at a time, sometimes using only two fingers.
  • Raindrop Therapy -65 Min ($95.00)
    Raindrop is a powerful tool for assisting the body in correcting defects by using a sequence of essential oils that are immune enhancing&support the body's natural defenses, as well as circulatory,respiratory, endocrine, digestive and other systems.
  • 70 min Warm Bamboo Massage ($75.00)
    Warm bamboo massage uses solid bamboo sticks of various sizes & shapes.The bamboo is gently warmed and used on the body to give deep, long massage strokes that promote relaxation while breaking down muscle tension & adhesions.
  • Reflexology, 40 minutes ($50.00)
    Reflexology is a holistic medicine practice that involves massaging the feet . The feet contain reflex points that form a map of the body, and by using finger and thumb massage, but no oil, we achieve results in corresponding body parts or organs.
  • Reflexology, 70 min ($75.00)
    Reflexology is a holistic medicine practice that involves massaging the feet . The feet contain reflex points that form a map of the body, and by using finger and thumb massage, but no oil, we achieve results in corresponding body parts or organs.
  • Reflexology-20 min add-on ($25.00)
    Add on 20 minutes of Reflexology to any existing massage service
  • Enhancing Aroma Therapy ($15.00)
    Upgrade & Enhance your massage experience with delicious DoTerra high-grade essential oils to increase & exponentialize your lasting massage benefits (no added time)
  • Enhancing Warm Oil Scalp Massage ($15.00)
    Ohhh so relaxing & nourishing for your body & mind! Upgrade with an enhancing soothing warm oil massage into your scalp and/or through your hair -no additional time
  • Enhancing Neurostim/MPS Therapy ($15.00)
    Upgrade any bodywork session with the profound benefits of MPS Therapy that amplifies the results you can receive during your massage & even extends the benefits well beyond your time on the table. Calm your nervous system for optimum well-being!
  • Enhancing Hot Towel Foot Therapy ($15.00)
    Enhance your massage experience by nourishing your nervous system with perfectly warmed soothing hot towels wrapped around your feet; Request added reflexology, essential oils, &/or salt or sugar scrubs to soothe & smooth - no added time
  • EnhancingPeppermint ScalpMassage ($15.00)
    Enhance any massage experience with an invigorating & refreshing peppermint scalp massage! - no added time
  • Enhancing Foot Reflexology ($15.00)
    Mmmm... Savor the amazing stress relieving benefits of incorporating reflexology with any of your massage therapy sessions to exponentialize the ease & benefits for your body & mind! (no added time)
  • Access Consciousness "The BARS" ($155.00)
    The Access Bars are an energetic, hands-on body process designed to create consciousness for you, your body & the planet! 32pts on your head are gently touched to create ease in different areas of your life! What are the INFINITE POSSIBILITIES?
  • Access "Body Processes" ($135.00)
    What energy, space & consciousness can you & your body be to experience more ease & joy? Definitely don't receive these processes because your life & living will alter beyond what you never even imagined. Truth! You couldn't choose that, could you?"
  • The BARS - FULL day class ($300.00)
    Become an Access Bars practitioner! Now you too can attend unlimited trades to receive the BARS or provide sessions for others & charge money to give! How does it get even better than that? Text for training dates:720-338-0194
  • Reflexology 10 min add-on ($15.00)
    Add on 10 minutes of Reflexology to any existing massage service
  • SMRT Spontaneous Muscle Release ($125.00)
    SMRT is a positional release modality to easefully prompt the body to regain homeostasis by using passive contraction of muscles, tendons, ligaments and connective tissue. Rhonda is certified in treating the shoulder, axilla, ribs and upper back.
  • MPS - Integrative Massage ($85.00)
    MPS (Micro-Current Point System) is used to release scars, and treating specific issues by stimulating acupressure points.

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Relaxing Deep Tissue Massage

jennifer l - Nov 19, 2017

Willie does an excellent job every time. He is a true professional. He gives a good, deep tissue massage, that is also relaxing, and worth your time and money.

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